Is your website “underselling” your business?

In 2018, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue to “fix website” for the next 10 years of my life.

Then, a small business owner booked a consult with me and it changed everything.

Single mum of two autistic children.
Owner of a clinic with 5 staff.
Leading researcher in her field.
Speaker of worldwide events.
5-star reviews across her Facebook page.

But there was.

The business wasn’t expecting to get through the next month.

How in the world, an authority like her would ask from a random guy like me for help?

What happened to all the traffic she sent to her website?

It turns out.

If your message is not getting across on the website, people really don’t take action.

So many businesses are being “undersold” by their website.

Under-appropriate, might be the word.

This is the very reason I do Conversion Clinic.

It’s all about getting your message across.

Having your value perceived and appreciated.

“Conversion” is just the byproduct when you do those things right.

Don’t let your website undersell you.

Get your message across.

If you stand for something great, you deserve to be known as great.

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