How to show trust (in a skeptical industry)

“Trust is a big problem in my industry.”

Said by one of my followers.

How do you overcome it?

How do you tell people that you’re legit without making it a claim?

How do you show people when they can’t experience it?

If you are doing what everyone else is doing in your industry:

“We’re the leading XYZ…”
“Featured in XYZ…”
“Better service. Better results…:

Soon, the only thing your page Remains is Claims.

Don’t Claim, Explain.

Think outside of the box.

Prove exactly how you’re better, how you’re legit.

Can you write a blog post detailing step-by-step your approach and process?

Can you make a video showing exactly how you operate?

Where can you shine light in this scary black box to show transparency?

Don’t worry about style.

Worry about not getting your message across.

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