The 3 bullet points that lifted revenue by 35%

Ad cost is through the roof.

As we all know, eyeballs don’t pay don’t the bills.

We need conversions.

But most of us tend to overthink what our website is missing.

I’ve seen companies invested $30,000 to redesign the whole website and got ZERO improvements in conversion rate.

How can 3 simple bullet points increase the revenue by 35%?

This is the big problem we face today.

When we look at our website, we see words and pictures, but we struggle to see the Perceived Value.

What value is being perceived?

Let’s see the bullet points:

The result is a 35% revenue increase when we roll this across every page on the website.



Most companies we work with offer tremendous value. 

Yet, when people go to their website, they perceive none of that.

When we can use messaging effective to get our message across, that’s when people perceive our true value.

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