The 3 bullet points that lifted revenue by 35%

Most of us tend to overthink what our website is missing.

I’ve seen companies invested $30,000 to redesign the whole website and got ZERO improvements in conversion and revenue.

How can 3 bullet points increase the revenue by 35%?

This is the core problem we face today.

Most of us see text and photos on our website, but we struggle to see the perceived value behind them.

What is the value end up being perceived?

Here’s the change:

If I have to generalise what the problem is for most of us, it would be this:

We don’t know what the problem is.

I used to ask questions like: “How to convert more people?”.

But now, I ask “Why aren’t people converting?

That subtle difference in the question changes our answer and pursuit drastically.

One fixes a problem. One fixes the problem.

One gives us methods. One gives us wisdom.

Here’s the test result with the brand anonymised (to protect their identity):

The goal of this post isn’t to show you what bullet points to add on your website.

Rather, I wish this will inspire you to think what the real problem is.

It’s not about who can better solve the problem.

It’s about who better knows what the problem is.

It’s not about the prescription. It’s about the diagnosis.

I believe this is true not just in the marketing industry, but in health and life in general.

As always, there’s always a better way to convey your value.

If you haven’t heard of the story of C.P. Steinmetz sending a $10,000 invoice to Henry Ford, I’m sure you’ll find it interesting as I did.

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