Million-Dollar CRO Test

A guide for CMOs & Founders on how simple messaging A/B tests earn millions for 7-8 figure eCommerce

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Getting to the heart of the conversion roadblock

By adding one button in the buy box on all product pages we improved:

  • Conversion rate by 10.19%
  • Revenue per session by 16%

… sitewide!”

A simple CRO test that could be worth millions if it was tested earlier.

No additional ad spend.
No margin-killing discounts.
No $50,000 redesign.

When you can get to the heart of the conversion roadblock, a simple Messaging CRO test makes a big impact.

On this page, you’ll see how some eCommerce consistently improve their conversion rate by getting their messaging right.

How do top brands consistently improve their website conversion rate?

Amazon runs over 12,000 tests each year to continuously improve their baseline.

Constant iteration and testing is the “secret”.

While we don’t need to run 12,000 tests, we do need to know what are the few very important things to test.

It’s not just the volume of tests; it’s knowing what to test

(Hint: Big improvements don’t usually come from testing button colours.)

The answer could be your messaging.

Messaging CRO is a method that focuses on communicating the right message, in the right way to increase conversions.

Fundamentally, it’s about understanding one question:
What is really holding your potential customers back?

After running 1,000+ A/B tests, we’ve discovered there are 4 key areas that are holding people back from buying:

Understanding — They don’t fully understand your offer

Motivation — They don’t care enough (yet)

Difference — They don’t know how your product is better

Trust — They don’t trust you

When you fall short on any of these areas, you’re not communicating your TRUE VALUE.

When people don’t see your true value, they don’t buy.

It’s like your business is a Ferrari, but all you’re communicating is “red car”.

Is your message really getting across?

Let’s take a look at an example.

Joy Organics is a leading CBD company in the USA. They have a lot of value to offer but it wasn’t coming across on the page. After website and customer research, our team identified a few key opportunities to improve conversions.

So we set out to test 3 different angles on all product pages:

Angle 1: Difference — Why choose Joy Organics
Angle 2: Difference — Why choose Joy Organics but with an emphasis on “family business”
Angle 3: Trust — Why trust Joy Organics

The page had limited real estate, so we had to find a way to get the value across in limited space. Our team decided to introduce a button in the Buy Box that allows users to voluntarily read the content if it interests them.

You either win or learn, and at best you do both

After 18 days of testing on all devices and on all product pages, we reached statistical significance.

Version 1: 16% lift in revenue per session
Version 2: 4% lift in revenue per session
Version 3: 10% lift in revenue per session

With CRO, you either win or learn, and at best you do both.

In this case, we not only got a win, but we got some clear learnings.

After analysing the data, a few things became clear:

  • People wanted to know why they should choose this brand and communicating this value lifts conversions (and RPV)
  • The family angle isn’t as important
  • Reducing anxiety by emphasising the guarantee increases conversion volume
Revenue per Session Improvement

CRO — the one thing that improves everything

Your conversion rate is an ever-changing number.

The season changes. The traffic changes. The market changes.

But there’s one thing that hardly changes.

The better your conversion rate, the better your ROI in ALL your marketing.

Whether your focus is on paid ads, emails, organic traffic, or a mix of all, the effort you put into CRO compounds it all.

It’s the force-multiplier of marketing.

We hope this page has provided you with new insights on how to test.

While Messaging CRO isn’t for every brand, many brands still struggle to get their message across, especially on their product pages.

If your site generates at least 30 orders a day, we would love to see if we can help.

Will Chan & Adrian J. Stewart

Scale Messaging

Scale Your Revenue to New Heights with Better Messaging

Will Chan & Adrian J. Stewart (Co-founders)

What makes Messaging CRO so different?

1- It gets bigger uplift and much faster ROI

The big uplifts are rarely achieved by changing button colours. Messaging gets into the psychology of buying and this helps us reveal what is really holding back your target customers from taking action. On top of that, rather than spending 6 months redesigning the website, testing and validating new messaging can be done as quickly as 3 weeks.

2- It helps you understand what really works

Getting an uplift is great, but learning what and why it works is even better. When a test is done right, it helps you understand what is really holding people back. This is certainly something a button colour test can’t do.

3- It increases your ROAS

When your conversion rate increases, your ROAS increases. Once you know what message works, you can use it confidently across your ads, emails and other marketing channels.

Is your website getting at least 30 conversions a day consistently (orders/ leads)?

We’d love to have a look and give some honest feedback. Please see our Messaging CRO to learn more.

No lock-in.

Fast ROI (within weeks).

And it comes with an Uplift Guarantee.