You’re not marketing. You’re just advertising.

Here’s an interesting question that will get you to meditate:

Are you finding customers for your product OR finding a product for your customers?

Marketing is communication.

It is communication between you and the market.

Communication is a two-way road.

Send and receive.

If I just sent a message to you and you never received it, that’s not communication.

That’s just distribution.

If you said something on your website and people didn’t get it, that’s not communication.

That’s just distribution.

So how do you communicate with your market?


Most companies just want to be the one who SENDS the message.

They never thought of themselves as the receiver of the message.

When the two-way road becomes a one-way road, communication weakens, marketing weakens.


Because your market is not optimising your product.

You’re just finding customers for your product, not find a product for your customers.

Marketing is listening to your market.

Marketing is improving your offer based on what they really want.

The balance between Send and Receive is the art of marketing.

Are you marketing or just advertising?

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