Is your website speaking TO your ideal client? [Website Review VIDEO]

Is your website speaking TO your ideal client?

– The messaging doesn’t address your ideal client

– Your web page is a block of information, not a conversation

– Crafting your message is hard

If you want your ideal clients to become your real clients, then you need to first speak TO them.
Most business owners treat their website as a place to “provide information” – that’s dangerous.
People don’t buy from websites – They buy from people.
Essentially, your website personifies your business and it should speak TO your potential clients just as you speak to them in-person.
Watch this 5-Minute Conversion Clinic to see if you’re speaking to your ideal client.

Action Steps:
1. Scroll through your web pages
2. See how much content is actually addressing your ideal client’s condition (problem, desire, fear, want…)
3. Create conversational messaging that flows with their seqenuence of thought

  • Amy Squires

    Thank you!! This was very helpful for me 😀
    I am currently working on my own business website but have also been given the task to help out with a Non-profit Organizations website as they have had some very bad luck previously in this. Thank you for these (and other) tips!

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