Why did Bruce Lee shut down all his schools? (Marketing lesson)

Bruce Lee closed all three of his Jeet Kune Do schools at the peak of his career.


I’m surprised by how many “experts” are afraid to confront the truth.

They give advice.
They teach.
They make claims.

But they’re not willing to be proven wrong.

Ego gets in the way.

By now, I’ve improved the words on over 900 websites, yet I embrace the fact that I might be wrong.

Hence, I do A/B tests.

I don’t do it because I like seeing all the numbers.

I do it because I want the truth.

I have to see if my words are really better at communicating value for my clients.

Every time when I give advice to others, I say to myself
“Please prove me wrong.”

And I’ve been proven wrong SO many times.

It’s embarrassing that I dropped my clients’ revenue, but guess what?

Every time, I come back with even greater results with the 2nd and 3rd test.

That’s the only way to keep improving.

So why did Bruce Lee close all his schools?

He could’ve just let his students run them.

As he continued to improve himself, he came to the realisation that there’s NO style in martial art (watch the Be Water video).

He changed his belief.

His new belief conflicted with his schools, which were teaching a certain style (Jeet Kune Do).

He was willing to confront his own finding.

He was willing to destroy what he started.

To me, that’s true mastery.

True mastery is the courage to be proven wrong.

What is the truth we are not willing to confront?

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