When your test gets NO UPLIFT…

“Our tests got no conversion uplift, what a waste of time.”

Every Marketer knows this feeling.

Conversion rate didn’t improve.

Revenue didn’t increase.

Your test, your ideas just flopped.

This is the critical mistake many Marketers make.

They’re testing changes and random ideas rather than a Cohesive Hypothesis.

They’re testing to get a lift rather than a solid Customer Insight.

Imagine this is how Edison promoted his light bulb –

“So investors, we wrapped 300 different filaments together, one of them worked, others didn’t, but we don’t know which is which. Would you be interested?”

Do you see the problem?

When you test, your aim is to validate OR invalidate an assumption/ a hypothesis, NOT ideas.

All of your changes should revolve that central assumption.

This is how you set yourself up to get wins.

Because when your treatment gets no improvements, you INVALIDATE your assumption.

That is the insight and certainty you need to create the next test that truly matters to your customers.

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