What makes a good value proposition? – With Adrian J Stewart

What makes a good value prop?

Where do you even start?

Is it a catchy tagline?

Is it a sales pitch?

Somebody help!!!

We had a chat with Adrian J. Stewart, Messaging Strategist and Co-Fonder of Scale Messaging, who helps us understand how to approach the sometimes daunting task of translating ideas into words through a value proposition.

Adrian gave me a masterclass on how to think about messaging and value propositions. I’m a sucker for frameworks, and Adrian has a pretty good one that makes the task a lot simpler than it sounds.

The key here is to focus on clarity over being clever.

So don’t try and come up with a catchy, marketing-speak tagline in one go. Unpack what you want to communicate (the value proposition) by helping your customers address these objections:

  • I don’t understand it: What is it? What’s included? How does it work?
  • I don’t want it: What are your customer’s motivations? Why should they care? What’s in it for them? What are the benefits?
  • I don’t want it from you: Why should they choose you?
  • I don’t trust you: Why should they trust you? How can they believe your claims

Using this podcast episode as an example, here are the key questions you need to answer when you develop your value proposition:

What is it?

Adrian and I talk about how to demystify the creation of a value proposition by using a framework that breaks it down into a few questions.

Why should you care?

When you use words to communicate your product/service, you want to leave your target customers with the clarity they need to move forward. Fail to do that and get grilled by confusion-fueled poor conversion.

Why choose Scale Messaging to help you with this?

Scale Messaging focus exclusively on lifting conversion through improvements in messaging. It’s not just about their hip & cool co-founders who have been blessed by the literature gods, but it’s also about the framework they’ve created to define and validate how the right messaging can lead to improvement in sales conversion.

Why should you trust Scale Messaging?

I’ve worked with Will & Adrian for over five years now. They’ve both been obsessing about messaging strategy, lifting conversion and helping small businesses for well over 10 years leading to over 1k websites improved and more than 300 a/b tests run.

The content above is provided by Leo Cerda from More Traction