What do you do when you only have 5 seconds

You only have 5 seconds.

That’s ALL you have just to get people to “stay” on your website.

What would you do?

5 seconds – that’s all you have to get your message across.

If people are confused, guess what they would do?

(Hint: ⬅️)

If people are not intrigued, guess what they would do?

(Hint: ⬅️)

So what is this little icon costing you?

What is the BACK button really costing you?

(You know this better than I do)

Let’s say you have something amazing to offer.

Let’s say you also have a great message.

So what?

People don’t know it.

They’re gone before you get your message across.

Recognise these criminals:

– Unclear messaging
– Inconsistent flow
– Unconvincing claims

They are hiding somewhere on your website.

Every second, you’re fighting against the BACK button.

This little icon ⬅️ is your biggest enemy.

So how are you making the best use of the 5 seconds you have?

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