A Preview of Your Business: Your Website

At 8 pm last night, I was sitting in the theatre, waiting for my movie ‘Yesterday’ to play.

As I was bombarded by the trailers, the best marketing idea hit me.

I’m sure you know this – some theatres like to ask you to show up early and watch their 10-minute long ‘sales pitch’.

I was one of the ‘smart’ people who showed up early.

As I was sitting there, unwittingly watching every single one of them.

That trailer came.

A trailer came on and my mind changed in less than 3 minutes

From not knowing this new movie at all to hearing myself saying: ‘Oh boy, I need to watch this’.

Here’s what just happened:

1. I don’t know you
2. You got my attention
3. I’m interested
4. I want it

Can you recall this sequence in your own life?

Your website is the trailer of your business.

Your website is a conversation.

It ‘speaks’ to the right people.

It guides their thinking.

It lets them ‘peak’ inside of your business. 

It creates an expectation.

​​It gets their attention and turns it into interests.

Unfortunately, most websites we see today can’t even get the message across, rather, they confuse or even bore their customers.

Is your website creating curiosity?

Is it guiding your customers’ thinking?

Do they see your point of difference?

Is there enough reason for them to take the next step?

Does it really get your message across?

Do they resonate with your message?

Do they believe in what you’re claiming?

Many businesses spend their money on getting more visitors, investing money on SEO, on ads just to send people to a terrible ‘trailer’.

They wonder why so few people are buying.

They wonder why so few people are contacting.

It is not because their ‘movie’ is bad, but their ‘trailer’ is terrible.

Great movie + Bad trailer = Rely on word of mouth.

Great movie + Great trailer = Box Office Records.

No amount of marketing spending can compensate for a website that doesn’t sell.

How many new customers are you losing because your website messaging is not doing its best job?

A great movie deserves a great trailer.

So does your business.



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