The world’s most expensive website.

What is the most expensive website in the world?

Take a guess.

Here’s a little story of Amy from that might help you get the answer right.

Before Amy fixed her conversion rate, she was doing less than 2k a month. 

For over a year, she did everything she could:

– Built her own website to save money

– Paid for advertising

– Promoted her site in FB groups

But the sales was just sitting around 1-2k a month with no significant growth for over a year.

Fast forward to today, Amy has had her best month for the last 5 months in a row and now turn over 4x what she did.

What happened in between?

Her offer is still the same.

Her traffic is not significantly higher. 

Her market hasn’t changed.

The only thing that has changed was her website.

Her and I worked hard to get the messaging right and finally, people started to perceive her value.

People started to see the uniqueness of her offer.

The value was there ALL THE TIME, but it was being perceived because her message wasn’t getting across.

That makes the difference between 2k to 8k a month.

What would it worth to Amy if she fixed her conversion rate a year before?

How much revenue she would’ve generated from all her marketing efforts?

Now Amy is so busy with her 2 kids and the business that she can’t handle more orders.

What is the most expensive website in the world?

It’s the one that doesn’t convert.

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