The disconnection, between your marketing and your market.

So a fellow entrepreneur asked me:

“Which one is better? Lead generation or conversion campaign?”

“That depends on what you’re saying in your ad” I replied.

Since when we become so tactical?

9 out of 10 marketers we meet on the internet talk about the following:

  • How to pick your campaign structure
  • What tools to use
  • Which platform is better
  • How to lower your CPA
  • What trusted logos to put on your website
  • How to trick people to the next step

We become so obsessed with the WHATs and HOWs, we don’t even ask WHY anymore.

The bloom of technology, the accessibility of advertising, the abundance of information, these are all the culprit of our disconnection.

The disconnection between our marketing and the market.

We are so disconnected with the customers now.

Most businesses hardly even know what truly resonates with their customers.

What words matter to your customers?

What message conveys the most value to them?

Since when we’re more obsessed with methods than wisdom?

Since when we’re more obsessed what works than why it works?

Since when we’re more obsessed with how to trick people than how to better convey our value?

Putting new paints on a house won’t fix the broken circuit.

We need to start asking ourselves the questions that matter:

  1. WHY do customers buy from me?
  2. WHY don’t customers buy from me?

Only the right questions would lead us to the right insights.

The right insights lead us to take the right action.

Let’s stop painting the house.

Let’s get the root problem fixed.

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