The Classic Ecommerce Optimisation Mistake

Here’s a HUGE Ecommerce mistake.

This is a paradigmatic mistake most Ecom owners make when they try to optimise their conversion rate.

They get over-obsessed with the checkout process.

Imagine your customers are riding a bike.

There are only two ways to help them get to the finish line (checkout):

1. Reduce friction
2. Increase motivation

Tell me, if the person is un-motivated to ride, does it matter if he has the smoothest gears or less headwind?

You can’t just reduce friction in the checkout process.

By which, I mean whose tiny tech enhancements or fancy new features.

You have to motivate people from the beginning to the end.

Create that emotional connection with your product.

Make sure your homepage and product page have the right messaging to motivate.

Even your add to cart page needs to keep motivating people.

After riding a 180km (and optimising hundreds of ecommerce), I can tell you one thing with certainty.

When people are motivated, they’ll overcome anything, even reach out to you to buy your product.

Get your messaging right.

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