Stop tweaking your site, do this instead.

After optimising close to 1000 pages, I’ve confirmed there only 2 things you can do to improve conversion.

1. Remove Friction

That’s when you make the user-experience smooth, easy to read, easy to navigate.

This is what most “optimisations” are about.

They clear up the path.

But they don’t realise, people don’t finish the path because it is easy to walk.

People must be motivated.

That’s the most effective way to improve your conversion.

2. Instil Motivation

That’s when you find the right message and communicate it to them.

A message that conveys your value.
A message that matters to them.

It might matter to you but not to them.

What truly matters to your customers?

Your job is to find the right message and get it across.

Stop tweaking your site.

Start having a meaningful connection with your customers.

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