How A Small Business Doubled Their Enquiries by Refining Their Homepage

A 3-minute read.

Here’s the summary:

  • The website wasn’t getting the message
  • We changed the messaging to create perceived value
  • They got a 134% increase in enquiries

Most small businesses are losing money because of their website.

They create a beautiful website.

They pay for traffic.

They pay for SEO.

They try every possible way to get their name out there.

But then, their website or landing page doesn’t convert.

“I’ve had my best month ever for the last four months in a row and now turn over 4x what I did”


Amy White,

“I’ve gone from depending on word of mouth clients to now having lots of new clients coming through from my website.”


Emma O’Callaghan,

This is when Heather started to ask the question:

“Why aren’t people following through?

Heather’s website was getting about 2000 visitors a month (from her speaking engagements and other marketing efforts.)

She ran a clinic that specialised in microbiome (gut health).

The problem? They were capable to take on far more local and online patients.

Despite all the traffic Heather got, she only got a handful of bookings and enquiries from it.

She tried to pay for Facebook ads to “get her name out there”, but even with a spike of traffic, new bookings were still very slow.

They needed new clients or otherwise, the clinic had to close.

There’s rent to pay and staff’s calendars to fill.

If you’re getting a lot of traffic to your website, whether it is through Google organic or paid ads, great.

You’ve done your first step – being found online.

But what about your next step – getting people across the line?

This is where most businesses get stuck.

Do I need a better-looking website or is something missing?

I’ve seen far too many businesses spent thousands of dollars to get a website facelift (redesign) and end up having the same conversion rate.

Why? Because it doesn’t address the root cause.Heather’s website wasn’t converting because of one major reason:

Her message wasn’t getting across.

People didn’t understand how great she was.

People didn’t understand what her offer was.

People didn’t trust the claims she was making.

Simply put it, her website wasn’t creating any perceived value.

Is your messaging helping you to create perceived value?

It’s easy for the website people to just say:

“Oh, your WordPress is outdated.”

“Your website looks dated.”

“You don’t have this tool.”

All these might contribute to a low conversion rate, but in the end, your website or landing page has one primary job:

To get your message across.

So did we do?

We did a Conversion Clinic for Heather and refined the messaging on her homepage (her most visited page).

Your landing page needs to answer all the questions that arise in the prospect’s mind.

Here are the things we did and the questions we addressed:


1 Simplified the message to answer

Is this for me?
What is the offer?

2 Amplified the value proposition to answer

Why should I choose you?
Why should I trust you?

3 Clarified the Call-to-action to answer

What will I get from enquiring?
Why should I contact now?

Remember, when someone comes to your landing page, you only have 3 seconds to answer their first question.

That’s all there is in the “Bank of Trust” between you and the new prospects.

A clear answer will buy you 3 more seconds.

And another 3, and another 3.

Only the ones who are high-motivated would spare more time and energy to dig the answer by themselves.

But we are talking about the majority – the new people.

If you can’t give them the clear answers they want, they click the ‘back button’ and terminate your chance.

Not only that, you’ve wasted that last bit of trust in the reserve.

In reality, you really only have 3 seconds to get your message across.

If people don’t get your message, they don’t perceive your value.

If you don’t perceive your value, they don’t convert.

Followed the changes, we’ve decided to run a split-test (or an A/B test) to see the difference between the old messaging and the new messaging.

Here’s the result.

134% increase in enquiry – that’s more double of the enquiries they used to get.



Same offer.

Same market.

Same amount of traffic as before.

134% more people following through and filling the form.

What’s been costing them to not fix their conversion rate?

How many new patients they could’ve helped?

“Now that I have the messaging right, the people that come to me are the right people who really need my service.”


Michael Paterson,

“I’ve had negative experiences with marketing people in the past however Will was fantastic, he truly understood my why and has been clear in explaining the changes I need to make.”


Tamika McCall,


Is your message getting across?

Is your website helping people to perceive your true value?

How much money is your website leaving on the table?

People should know your true value.

Let’s get your messaging right and get the most out of your traffic.

Will Chan

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  • Jay

    This is a GREAT post Will! Thank you.
    We are in the process of rebuilding our website and I’ve been having a lot of new thoughts since I read this yesterday. As you advised in the cheat sheet, we’ve been heavily promoting our customers to leave us reviews on Google and we now have over ten reviews that we can put on the website. What’s your thought on how many testimonials we should put on the homepage?

  • David

    What do you do if you are in an industry where testimonials are considered to not be ethical?

    • Will Chan

      David, there are many ways to build trust and authority on your website. Testimonial is one of them, but I’m really interested in which industry you are in that causes you to have this thought.

  • Linda Reed-Enever

    Will what a great educational post. Love the case study examples and the results!

    • Will Chan

      Thanks Linda, research and discovery make a website strong and compelling.

  • Lynette Delane

    Great post. So refreshing to see someone diagnose the root cause instead of offering a silver bullet.

    Great work on the cattery site.

    • Will Chan

      Thanks Lynette, hope your website is going well.

  • Elyssia

    Great posts and a super easy read – thank you!

  • Fernanda Alberici

    Awesome article, love the detailed case study.

  • Sharm

    Thanks Will. Great content and easy read. I will be tweaking my clients websites:-).

  • Bron

    Great content. Thank you.

  • Laura Stien

    No matter how much i try i just cant get it right

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