Is your Marketer testing? If not…good luck

A web designer made a claim that the new website he designs will increase sales.

When I ask if he would run a split-test to prove it, he refused.


We are at a time when marketing means ‘doing something’ rather than ‘achieving something’.

Sadly today, companies pay for marketing collateral, rather than marketing results.

Today, everyone is a Marketer.

The person who knows how to build a WordPress site is a Marketer.

The person who read 1-2 copywriting books is a Marketer.

The person who can create a Facebook campaign is a Marketer.

This low threshold makes everyone a Marketer.

This low threshold confuses us that Markets are builders rather than achievers.

Be careful with who you get help from.

If a copywriter, a designer or a marketer says he can improve your sales, ask for a test to prove it.

If he is not willing to run tests, what does that mean?

Ego always gets in the way.

I don’t care who has the bigger agency, has the most awards, well-respected or been in business for 20 years.

In front of the truth, we’re all equal.

The better someone is, the more eager he is to find the truth.

So what metric matters the most?
A) The CEO’s opinion
B) The Marketer’s opinion
C) The market’s actual behaviour

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