Time to scale? DOs & DON’Ts for Your Lead Gen Page (Your Money Page)

If there’s a part of your business which you think is ready to scale (a particular product or service), you know your landing page will be playing a big role to generate new opportunities for you.

I mean – your money page.

You know exactly which page I’m talking about =)

Whether you’re generating leads from Google organic, Google ads or Facebook, here are the top 3 DOs & DON’Ts:


#1: DO check your conversion rate first before doing anything

You can’t improve anything until you know what needs to be improved.

If you don’t have absolute clarity about what your conversion rate is, chances are any optimisation is not going to ‘optimise’ anything.

The end-product will likely just be a pretty website with no actual conversion improvement.

#2: DO define who exactly you’re targeting

Unless you offer multiple things and you happen to send people to your homepage, your landing page should be speaking to ONE specific audience. 

A page that has two diverted “voices” will never perform well.

#3: DO your messaging first before designing

Design is here to enhance your message, not to govern it.

Most people try to buy a new theme or hire a designer first to get the ‘look and feel’ done, then they try to ‘fit’ something in the blank.

Not only this restricts your messaging, it creates incoherence in it.


#1: DON’T guess changes, test changes.

It’s easy to ask your tech person to login to the CMS, change a few things and click the Update button.

Yes, but it’s also easy to shoot yourself in the foot.

Most redesign or rebuild project fail because they are done based one guesswork, not a testing process.

Keep in mind:

If a few changes can boost the conversion rate, it can also drop the conversion rate if it’s done incorrectly. 

#2: DON’T overwhelm yourself with moving parts

Here’s one mistake I made again and again before I finally took the lesson.

If you change multiple things in your business at the same time, you’re going to confuse yourself whether things work out or flop.


Let’s change the landing page. 

And target a new audience.

And create a new offer.

And start a new ad campaign.

That sounds like a recipe for a disaster 

#3: DON’T keep sending people to a page that doesn’t convert.

Sounds obvious. 

Most people are still doing it – keep putting petrol in a leaky car and wonder why the milage is terrible.

If you know your page should be converting better, take action!

Learn a strategic way to optimise it or get someone to help.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Hope that helps.

Will Chan


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