The #1 Key to Fixing Conversion Rate

The BEST copywriter can’t fix this.

The BEST designer can’t fix this.

Most business owners get this wrong and it’s costing them A LOT of money.

They think they need better ‘copywriting’.

They think they need a more ‘user-friendly’ website.


The #1 key to fixing and increasing your conversion rate is NOT copywriting nor designing.

It’s diagnosis. 

It doesn’t sound sexy and it certainly sounds extremely boring, but that’s the activity that will make you the MOST amount of money.

Many of us are trying to ‘fix’ the problem, when in fact, we don’t even have a deep understanding of what the problem is.

You know what makes a doctor or a therapist great? 

We can argue whether they have better prescriptions or better methods, but they ALWAYS do a better job at one thing:


They get to the root causes of the issues and address them. 

They fix the RIGHT problems. 

To me, most business owners are just going to the ‘pharmacy’ and ‘picking up pills’ according to their feeling and interest.

“I want a new website.”

“I need to hire a SEO company.”

“I should run Facebook ads.”

“I want some persuasive copy”

That’s dangerous.

Where’s the proper diagnosis? 

Is it a traffic or conversion problem?

Why aren’t people converting?

What is the problem?

To fix your conversion rate, you must first start with the diagnosis and define exactly what is the problem. 

The right solution to the wrong problem is a wrong solution.

That’s the #1 key to fixing your conversion rate.

Will Chan

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