The CRO No One Is Doing

How brands lift conversion rates fast with simple messaging changes

(Scale profits, not traffic!)

Take a guess – which version below converts better?



Eyeballs don’t pay the bills.

Sending more traffic to a poorly-converting page is a fast way to waste marketing dollars.

This is why some top brands have a motto:

Optimise before maximise. (And yes, we prefer ‘s’ over ‘z’ in Australia!)

So what is the best way to optimise the conversion rate?

If you guessed Version A converts better, you’d be right.

After 2 weeks of testing…

Version A got 64% more conversions with the same amount of traffic and ad spend.

How can simple changes improve conversion so drastically?

And how is this different from most CRO tactics such as…

  • Tweaking the web design
  • Improving site speed
  • Changing button colours

Not big on reading? Watch the Quick Walkthrough


This simple concept is called Messaging CRO. 

Messaging CRO is all about communicating the message that expresses your true value and converts your ideal customers.

As customers, anytime we land on a website, we ask ourselves 4 main questions (whether consciously or subconsciously).

  1. What is this?
  2. Why should I care?
  3. Why should I choose you?
  4. Why should I trust you?

The better a webpage answers our questions, the more value we perceive.

And the more value we perceive, the higher the chance we convert.

The key is to know what the right message is.

Let’s go back to the example above.

We discovered the main question B2B customers wanted to know:
”Why should I choose you?”

Now, have another look at the picture above.

Can you see how the changes are trying to answer that question and emphasise the value proposition?

Right message = More conversions

Most websites fail to communicate the true value of the business.

After a/b testing over 1,000 pages in more than 150+ niches, both B2C and B2B, e-commerce and lead generation, we see the same problem again and again.

Businesses have the best product/ service but their website fails to communicate value — and conversions suffer as a result.

While some products “speak for themselves”, others need explaining, clarifying and selling.

Even the best product/ service needs the right message to optimise conversion rates and that’s what our Messaging CRO is all about.

No lock-in.

Fast ROI (within weeks).

And it comes with an Uplift Guarantee.

Can I do Messaging CRO when I’m scaling my paid ads?

Yes. In fact, Messaging CRO helps you scale your paid ads faster. With the proper testing, you can validate what message actually converts and use the message across your ads and marketing…Learn more about Messaging CRO


Isn’t this just better copywriting?

Copy is just one of many ways to express your message. Apart from words, you might need to use an image or a video to express your message too.

Message: What you communicate
Copy: How you communicate it

Your messaging needs both.

Let’s take a look at another example.

BombTech Golf designs and sells golf clubs just as good (if not better) than the big brands — at half of the price.

They spend close to 6 figures a month on ads and any marginal uplift yields a big revenue increase.

Below is an example of one of their signature products — the Hywood (now renamed as Hybrid Wood).





The Hywood isn’t just a new golf club, but an entirely new golf club category.

We face two challenges here:

1) People are confused about what Hywood is (Clarity)
2) People don’t believe in the results we claim (Trust)


Before we could start crafting clearer messaging, we need to understand:

Targeting (who)
Who is buying this club?
What triggers them to even click on the ad?

Message (what)
What’s the message we need to get across?
What do they need to believe?

Expression (how)
How do we get the message across?
What’s the best way to express the message?

Let’s see some of the messaging we emphasised on our testing page.

After running the test for 2 weeks, the new version was leading by 86% in conversion rate and 118% in revenue!

Results after 2 weeks of AB Testing

What message do you need to get across?

Which of the 4 questions does your website need to better answer

What value is not coming across on your website?

If you want to learn more about our Messaging CRO, please see this page.

Who do we help?

We specialise in helping established DTC eCommerce and lead gen brands to scale their conversion rate and profits with the traffic they already have.

Typically, they’re getting a minimum of 30 conversions a day and spending 5 figures or more on ads a month.

We hope that was helpful and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly to:

Will Chan & Adrian J. Stewart

Scale Messaging

Scale Your Revenue to New Heights with Better Messaging

Will Chan & Adrian J. Stewart (Co-founders)

What makes Messaging CRO so different?

1- It gets bigger uplifts and much faster ROI

The big uplifts are rarely achieved by changing button colours. Messaging gets into the psychology of buying and this helps us reveal what is really holding back your target customers from taking action. On top of that, rather than spending 6 months redesigning the website, testing and validating new messaging can be done as quickly as 3 weeks.

2- It helps you understand what really works

Getting an uplift is great, but learning what and why it works is even better. When a test is done right, it helps you understand what is really holding people back. This is certainly something a button colour test can’t do.

3- It increases your ROAS

When your conversion rate increases, your ROAS increases. Once you know what message works, you can use it confidently across your ads, emails and other marketing channels.

Is your website getting at least 30 conversions a day consistently (orders/ leads)?

We’d love to have a look and give some honest feedback. Please see our Messaging CRO to learn more.

No lock-in.

Fast ROI (within weeks).

And it comes with an Uplift Guarantee.