The CRO No One Is Doing

How to double conversion rate with better messaging

The CRO No One Is Doing

How can simple word changes double sales?

How can we communicate our true value and sell more?

Let’s look at two different versions of an offer page.

Version A – Original
Version B – New Messaging

Look carefully – which version converts better and why?


Version A

New Messaging

Version B

The difference between Version A and B is a 64% increase in leads!

That’s 64% more business with the same amount of traffic, the same ad spend, same offer.

But why?

After optimising over 1,000 pages in more than 60 niches, we see the same conversion problem again and again.

Businesses struggle to get their message across.

They know they have a better product, better service, better result, better offer, but they struggle to communicate their true value.

Most Founders and CMOs we’ve worked with know what they offer is amazing – Ferrari quality!

But when customers see the website, they perceive a ‘red car toy’.

Messaging is the bridge to help us fill the gap between Perceived Value and True Value.

Does that mean I just need ‘better copy’?

Messaging is everything from your targeting, your message to your copy.

What is messaging

You can give the best speech to the wrong audience.

You can convey a powerful message in a boring way.

It all ties in together.

Let’s look at another example.

BombTech Golf is an amazing brand that designs and sells golf clubs just as good (if not better) than the big brands at half of their price.

They spend close to 6 figure a month on ads.

Any marginal uplift can make a big revenue increase.

So what message is not getting across?

Here’s an example of one of their signature products.

Hywood isn’t just a new golf club, but an entirely new golf club category.


We face two challenges here.

  1. People are confused about what Hywood is
  2. People don’t believe in the results we claim

Before we could start crafting better messaging, here are the questions we needed to get clear on:

Targeting (who)
Who is buying this club?
What triggers them to even click on the ad?
What frustrates them every time when they play golf?
How will they use this new club?
What club will they replace it with?

Message (what)
What do they need to understand?
What do they need to believe?
What is the 3-second pitch they will remember and share?

Copy (how)
How do we get the message across?
What is the most effective way to do it?
How will they consume the message?

Let’s see two sections of the messaging treatment.

Messaging Treatment

The mistake most marketers make is they ask HOW to write better copy before they even know WHAT message they need to get across.

Thought sequence is the key to creating better messaging.

The result is an 86% increase in conversion rate!

Imagine selling almost double units every month just because you have better messaging.

The bottom line is – there’s always a better way to communicate your true value.

Are you really communicating your true value?

If you’re interested to see how you can improve your conversion rate with better messaging…

Will Chan & Adrian J. Stewart


Adrian J. Stewart (Head of Strategy) & Will Chan (Founder)

Here are 3 reasons why better messaging is the best way to improve conversion rate:

1. It’s fast, really fast.

Compared to the traditional redesign approach of optimisation that can take 3-4 months and a lot of risks to implement, messaging changes can be done within 2 weeks.

2. Big results

We’ve seen uplifts from 15% to 200%. Messaging is often the tipping point between value unperceived and value perceived.

3. You increase value rather than dropping price

Imagine seeing a 50% off Ferrari. With better messaging, you’re communicating true value rather than discounting what you really worth.

See Conversion Clinic for more details.