3 Money Questions to Ask That Will Boost Your Website Conversion Rate

If you’re looking at your website and wondering:

“Why aren’t people following through?”

“Why am I getting a lot of traffic but only a few conversions?”

Chance are, when you design, redesign or improve your website, you haven’t gone through these 3 critical Money Questions.

You want to be looking right at your website and go through them.

Here they are.

#1: Does my ideal prospect understand what this is and will he/ she be interested to know more about it, all within 5 seconds?

A confused mind never buys.

Your ideal prospect won’t receive any of your messages nor believe in whatever you say UNLESS they have massive clarity on what they’re looking at.

This is why human brains never believe in magic tricks.

Because if we don’t understand, we don’t believe. 

By the way, you only have less than 5 seconds to explain clearly because that’s all the attention your jaded prospect is willing to give you to try to ‘decode’ your message.

Your ideal client is just ONE click away from all your competitors (distractions, noise, other choices).

#2: Why should my ideal prospect bother engaging with this?

This is a obvious question for you.

You save them money. You speed things up. You give peace of mind.

You know all these amazing values that you’re bringing to the table, but can your ideal client perceive it?

Is your message getting across?

Do you have enough force in your message?

Why should they choose you rather than anyone (or anything) else?

#3: Can they perceive the REAL value of engaging with your ASK?

Your ASK – whatever you ask your ideal prospect to do on your page.

Book a call. Purchase. Sign up. Contact us.

Even down to ‘Download this FREE guide’ – it is still an ASK.

Every single one of your should be examined and optimised by this stupid, yet inevitable question:

“Why should I?”

Unless your ASK and the presentation of your ASK can answer this question clearly and thoroughly without sounding like a slogan or a company tagline, it will be very hard for you to see a serious increase in conversion rate.

After optimising over 500+ web pages, I see the patterns of what makes a page convert and what doesn’t.

These 3 questions should be used as a tool to help us get clarity on what is missing so we can better communicate with the market.

Maximise the force of your message and increase your conversion rate now.

If you offer something amazing, then it shouldn’t just be found.

It should be heard.


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