If you are not testing, you’re just guessing.

ANY change you make to your marketing should be tested.

Whether it’s a change in your targeting, design, brand strategy or even a few words, you should test.

No one on earth gets it right every single time.

There are only two reasons you don’t test:

  1. You’re afraid of the truth
  2. You don’t know how to test

What about the Marketers who are so confident about their results?

They should be the ones who embrace testing.

If they are so confident about their changes and advice, what are they so afraid of?

Marketers lie. Numbers don’t.

If the marketer likes it and the CEO likes it, does it mean the customers are going to like it too?

There are thousands of tools and ways to test, free and paid.

I believe the biggest hurdle we need to overcome isn’t about the technology or methodology, but our own ego.

Are you trying to look cool or here to find the truth?

I’ve done optimisations that didn’t produce the results we wanted.

The numbers told me the truth that my changes actually decreased my client’s revenue.

Was I confident? Hell yes.

Did it matter in front of the truth? Hell no.

But the truth gave us new directions that we can improve upon with the second test and the third test.

Here’s a great example of Second Test Success Story.

Are you testing or are you guessing?

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