How to attract more “best customers”?

Ever noticed this strange “coincidence”?

Your best customers always share a trait with YOU.

A personality.

A habit.

A passion.

A vision.

Perhaps after all it is not a coincidence.

Perhaps a part of you somehow gets reflected in your marketing.

Perhaps this is why they are your best customers.

Should you look at what your competitors are doing or should you be more like YOU?

We are trying to find the next strategy to expand.

We search every possible way in the external world but make no quest from the internal property.

Your value proposition is IN you.

Early Apple fans share the same passion with Steve Jobs had – the love the simple and elegantly-designed technology.

Tesla fans share the same vision with Elon Musk – the coming of a new, renewable energy era.

Customers of Clean Cloth Nappy Hire share the same vision with the founder – the urgency and need to reduce landfill waste today.

Voters of Donald Trump share the vision with him – make America great again.

My best clients always share the same personality with me – they’re the ones who relentlessly improve their business.

When they know there’s a better way to connect with their customers and improve conversion, they don’t hesitate.

Perhaps you don’t need to run more ads.

Perhaps you don’t need a better strategy.

Perhaps you don’t need to please everyone.

Perhaps you just need to clarify what your business really stands for so it matters to the right people who care.

What does your business really stand for?

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