Don’t just clarify your message.

“Clarifying your message is the best way to grow your business.”

This is the slogan of a company I admire.

StoryBrand has some great marketing workshops to help people clarify their message.

It’s true.

Most businesses have a confusing message.

If people don’t understand what you mean, they won’t take action.

While I admire what Donald and his team are doing at StoryBrand, I believe there’s a critical part being left out.

We need to remind ourselves we the end goal is.

Let’s say I tell you: “Joe is the world’s best copywriter. Hire him now.”

Is that sentence clear?

Yes, it’s crystal clear.

But do you believe what’s being said?

Would you act on it?

We need to understand why people really take action.

People take action because they perceive the value.

Perceive – is something being registered in the mind.

For someone perceives the value, there are two elements:

  1. Clarity – Do I understand it?
  2. Believability – Do I believe it?

I won’t believe in what you say unless I understand.

However, I won’t take action unless I understand and also believe.

Many websites that I optimise have a clear message.

They tell people what their product is, what it will do etc, but do people believe it?

Do you believe it when someone says “I will grow your business”?

Do people believe in what you say?

Let’s say someone understands AND believes in what you say too.

So they perceive your value.

But how much value is there?

Are you saying the right things in the first place?

Is your message hitting their true motivation?

That’s the WHAT of your message.

The HOW determines whether people understand and believe.

So do you really need to fix?

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