Are you testing the WHAT or the WHY?

I once got a book with hundreds of split-test results in it.

Button colours.

Button shapes.

Background colours.

Different headline templates.

It was great to see how cosmetic changes on a web page make such a big impact in conversion rate.

But then I began to wonder:

“What does it all mean?”

What exactly do we learn from these tests?

What’s the value of know a green button works better than a red button for another business?

Most optimisations are searching for a lift instead of meaning.

People want to know the WHAT more than the WHY.

What’s the meaning behind this headline is better than that?

What’s the meaning behind this design is better than that?

What can you learn about your customers?

What are they whispering to you?

Meanings create more meaningful changes.

Are you testing the WHAT or the WHY?

Are you trying to get a temporally lift or life-long competitive advantage?

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