How to Get Your Ideal Prospects Across The Line (on Your Website)

Do you know that feeling when you know your ideal prospects need what you have, but you just can’t get them across the line?

Yesterday, that happened to my dad.

Every year, I go back to Hong Kong to see my family for at least 3 times, but this visit, something stuck out to me which I never thought of (and I wish I knew). 

As my dad sat in his home office reading his newspaper, I asked him:

“Are you aware you’re sitting right next to the wifi router?”

“It’s been like this for years.” He replied.

My marketing-self kicked in: “Do you know the radiation shooting out from that thing? It’s better to move it to somewhere else.

Following that night, he called the internet company and asked for a router relocation.

“How did it go?” I ‘followed up’ the next morning.

They charge 600 dollars (~AU$100) just to move the da*n thing! That’s too much.

I wanted to tell him “That’s NOTHING”, but I knew that wouldn’t work.

This costs ‘too much’ not because he has no money – he can easily spend that money for a typical dinner in less than 1 hour. 

It’s ‘too much’ because he couldn’t perceive the value.

Have you ever had an ideal prospect telling you “that’s too much”? 

You know your ideal prospect needs what you have, but they aren’t crossing the line?

That’s because they can’t perceive the value, not because it’s “too much”.

I knew this ‘radiation tower’ has to be moved and I knew he has to get himself across the line, not me pushing him over because…

If he is not fully sold (perceiving the REAL value), things can just go back to how it was when I leave. 

So, following that night, I began to ‘market’ my dad.

“How’s your sleep been?” I asked him as he tried to take a nap at 6pm.

“Just feeling tired all the time.” He said.

“How long has it been like this?” I followed.

“Just the recent years. Maybe the router has some affects on it.”

As soon as I saw the sign, I amplified the force of my messaging:

“How long has the router been there?”(I knew the answer).

“A few years.”

“Is this router the one with the 5G high-frequency network?”(again, I knew the answer.)

“Yes”. And I said okay and walked away.

The next morning, he scheduled an appointment for the technician to come as early as possible. 

Is the internet company lowering the price? No.

Is the internet company offering ‘more value’? No.

Has my dad become richer? No.

What has changed? The REAL value is being perceived.

Think about your ideal prospects – are they perceiving the REAL value of what you offer?

Do they feel the force of the problems you can solve?

Do they feel the force of the pleasure which you can provide?

If your ideal prospect is not crossing the line, that’s because they are NOT seeing what you’re seeing.

For me, a lot of my clients did not feel the force. 

They get on with their marketing and keep spending money on ads without fixing their conversion rate.

This is why I have to create marketing to maximise the force of the problem.

We are not paying for “Conversion Rate Optimisation”.

We are not paying for “Router relocation”.

We are paying to get all the leads and sales back that the web page is losing.

We are paying to sleep better, live healthier and a big peace of mind.

To get your ideal prospects across the line, whether it is on your website or in a sales meeting, you have to help them perceive the REAL value of your offer.

What value can your ideal prospects perceive on your website?

Is your messaging creating the force for you?

Is your messaging maximising the force for you?

Will Chan

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