“People should know your true value”

Will Chan – Founder of Scale Messaging

Will Chan - Founder of Scale Messaging

What if people are not perceiving your true value?

Hi, this is Will. For the past 5 years, I’ve devoted my life to answer one question: “Why do people really buy from you?”.

Today, while we all search for the next tool, ranking strategy and Facebook tactic, we forget the fundamental of what really makes people take action.

We need that connection back, between you and the market.

“I’ve had my best month ever for the last four months in a row and now turn over 4x what I did”

Amy White, CleanClothNappyHire.com.au

“Someone found our website on Google and decided to ring us over the others because our website is clear and easy to understand.”


Jason Kuan, Kuone.com.au

Conversion Clinic exists for one simple reason.

So many amazing services and products that can truly change someone’s life are being ignored. Why? It’s simply because their messaging doesn’t convey the true value.

What if you can help people better perceive our value? What if you can drive a major revenue increase by making the right changes in your words? What if help more people who truly need what you have?


There’s always a better way to convey your value.

Help your customers perceive your value so they will choose you.