Meet Adrian and Will

Adrian J. Stewart (Head of Strategy) & Will Chan (Founder)

This business exists for one simple reason.

So many amazing services and products that can truly change someone’s life are being ignored. Why? Simple – their message is not getting across.

What if you could help people better perceive our value? What if you could drive a major revenue increase by getting your messaging right? What if you could help more people who truly need what you have?

Will Chan

Founder & Website Messaging Strategist

“We’re so close to the market yet so disconnected from it.”

Hi, this is Will, the founder of Scale Messaging. For the past 7 years, I’ve devoted my life to answer one question: “Why do people really buy from us?”.

As a young, solo immigrant from Hong Kong, I know how it feels when people just don’t get you. You always feel there’s a gap, a gap between what you can actually offer and what they think you can offer.

I arrived in Australia by myself when I was 21 with $2,000 to my name. After years struggling and trying to adapt to a new world, I found myself sitting comfortably at my office, running my own web design business.

But somehow, I felt something was wrong.


I remember asking our designers and developers to spend days to deliver a world-class web design, the kind that would “wow” the client.

The client was thrilled. We were proud.

Until one day, I opened the Google Analytics and saw there were absolutely zero improvements in their conversion rate.

How could it be?

We’ve spent 3 months day and night on this glamorous redesign. Everything looked better. Everything felt better.

Sure – the client loved the new design and had no complaints, but I knew we were lying to ourselves.

I had to ask myself again: “Why do people really buy from us?”

It was then, I realised, we’ve spent 3 months trying to impress the customers, yet created no meaningful connections with them whatsoever.

It’s not about what’s on the webpage; It’s about what they perceive from the webpage. One by one, with my clients’ permission, I began making minor changes to the wording on their website.

To my surprise, my clients started telling me their sales have gone up.

How is it possible that these tiny changes in words can outperform months of redesign effort from my whole team?

That was the beginning of my search. After hundreds of books, countless hours of honing my skills and thousands of lines of copy, I’ve settled for a temporary answer.

Today, we’re all busy studying marketing, yet we spare no time to actually study the market.

Most of us are searching for the next marketing tool, the next algorithm change and the next Facebook trick, yet we forget the fundamentals of why do people buy.

It’s the value that they perceive from you.

It’s the message that resonates with them.

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Adrian J. Stewart

Head of Strategy & Brand Messaging Strategist

What you say and how you say it can be the difference between new business and no business.


Yep, that’s me, Adrian J. Stewart.

I’m a writer, speaker and strategist from Sydney now based in Perth.


I do brand strategy and copywriting but mostly I’m fascinated by human behaviour.

After uni, I decided it was time to put my prestigious Bachelor of Media & Cultural studies degree to work by cold-selling credit cards. The 7am sales meetings, jubilant bell ringing, frenzied clapping and relentless “you too can own a mansion” rhetoric quickly wore thin and I moved on.

Since that first foray, I’ve traversed a range of roles in sales, training and marketing and I’m now a strategist and copywriter running my own business called The Copy Mob.

Basically, I help businesses cut through the bullshit and find the right words. We do brand positioning, value propositions, campaign messaging and more. Now, I join forces with Will at Scale Messaging to help even more businesses to get their messaging right.

There’s always a better way to communicate your value.

Help your customers perceive your value so they will choose you.