7-Figure Changes: Are you testing Cosmetic or Meaningful Changes?

If your goal to optimise is only to get a lift in conversion rate or revenue, you’re likely NOT converting at your the best.

You’re likely testing the wrong changes.

80% of the 7-figure online business owners that I speak to have a “well-optimised” website.

They’ve tried everything you can think of:

  • Tested every optimisation tools available
  • Tested multiple themes and design
  • Tested various upsells and layouts

They truly live and breath the concept of:

“If I’m not optimising, I’m leaving money on the table”.

It always seems they have tried every possible way to maximise their revenue and return from ads just to get an extra 5-10% lift.

But then, they suddenly get a 50% lift.

How is it possible that they find an extra 20-70% lift in revenue after changing the words on their website?

For some 7-figure businesses, that’s an extra 20-30k a month in revenue.

That’s the difference between Cosmetic Optimisation and Meaning Optimisation.

Cosmetic Optimisation is what it says.

You come up with changes and ideas base on what you feel the interface can be improved.

Your aim is to get a lift now and that’s it.

“I will test this change and see if my conversion rate will go up.”

On the other hand, Meaning Optimisation is different.

You come up with changes and ideas base on what you feel is the true motivation of WHY your customers buy from you.

(Sentence reread required)

Your aim is to learn what truly motivates your customers.

“I will test this change and see if this what my customers really want.”

The tests you set up aren’t just to get a lift, but to give you a clear answer of “Yes, that’s what we want” or “No, that’s not what we want”.

You know once you get a clear answer, you can implement that to your product development, messaging, Facebook ads copy, other landing pages, and thousands of emails your send.

You know conversion rate and revenue is a byproduct of how well you truly understand your customers.

Your aim is to better connect with your customers so you can be, and continue to be the market leader.

Your aim is to create, find, innovate new products that better solves the real problem for your customers.

You aim is to create a lifetime Market Leadership, but a tiny spike in the 3rd quarter.

So what are you going to optimise next?

The button colour? Or something meaningful to your customers?

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