A New Website That Costs $3Millions

In 2012, a multi-million dollar brand lost more than $3 million in sales because of their new website.


Finish Line, the American retail chain who operates 600+ stores nation, thought their website was dated and it was time to do ‘something’.

You might have that thought too:

  • “My site looks a bit dated”
  • “I need to change my website”
  • “Let’s see what the designer says”

What did they do?

They brought in talented designers and developers and went ‘all in’ to revamp their website.

When they launched, not only did they see an immediate drop in conversion rate and lost 3 mils, but they also had to switch it back to the original site.

What a disaster.

Despite you might not have $3 million of sales to lose, EVERY change you make on your website needs to be strategical.

I’ve seen too many business owners make changes to their website yet…

Don’t even have clarity on what their conversion rate is and what they are testing against.

These redesign and rebuild projects aren’t cheap, but they get even more expensive when the conversion rate drops.


I’m not against designers or tech people.

I was one myself and I know most are changing websites with a good intention.

But, sales is sales, revenue is revenue.

Beauty and technicality are just the means to an end.

If you make changes to your website without a strategic plan and tracking, it can lead to a lot of confusion and headaches.

Make your changes strategically.


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